Automatic Payment Plan Enrollment

The Automatic Payment Plan (APP) is a service that draws funds from your checking or savings account to pay your monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month with no extra cost to you! This convenience will save you time, postage expenses, and late fees. The APP is available to any member-consumer, including those enrolled in the Budget Billing Plan.

Once enrolled in the APP, you will receive a bill with the amount due each month that says “APP – Do Not Pay.” Payments are withdrawn each month based on a consumer’s billing cycle (see chart below). For instance, a Cycle 1 consumer will have a payment withdrawal date of the 27th. Please note, if the dates mentioned below fall on a weekend or holiday, the withdrawal will take place on the next business day.

  • Cycle 1: 27th
  • Cycle 2: 12th

Your billing cycle is a bolded number that can be found on the top portion of your bill. The number is located to the right of Henry County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (HCREMC)’s name and address and just below the Net Due.

If you are interested in the APP, fill out this form and attach a check marked “VOID” from your bank account. You may mail originals or fax copied items to HCREMC.

Processing time is approximately 3 weeks. Continue to make your payments as always until your bill states “APP – Do Not Pay.”

You may cancel the APP at any time with written notice to HCREMC. Payment transfers that cannot be made and are not processable (non-sufficient funds, etc.) will cancel your Automatic Payment Plan, and your payment will need to be made by the due date using another means of payment. Feel free to contact the REMC office for more information.

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