Distributed Generation



This tariff is available to members of Henry County REMC (REMC) that are located within the assigned service territory and take metered electrical service from the REMC on any single phase service below 50 kVA. This tariff and terms and conditions set herein are available for and applicable to REMC’s purchases of energy only from the member (such member being hereafter called the “Seller”) of qualifying distributed generation facilities of 1-50kW installed on Seller’s owned property to provide all or part of its requirements of electrical energy, or from which facilities Seller may elect to sell to Henry County REMC all or part of such output of electrical energy. Henry County REMC reserves the right to decline to purchase energy from Seller if the purchase of such energy would create unsafe conditions or operational problems.

The Seller must meet all requirements of the REMC’s distributed generation policy. This tariff is only available to members who have executed the REMC application and interconnection agreements described in its Distributed Generation Policy.


This Tariff shall become effective on billings after August 14, 2013, and shall remain in effect until revised, amended, or otherwise changed by the Henry County REMC Board of Directors.


The REMC will credit the member its average wholesale power cost (WPC) multiplied times the kilowatt-hours produced by the distributed generation unit. The average WPC will be calculated for each calendar year quarter by dividing the previous quarter’s base cost of power with no power cost adjustment tracker by the kilowatt-hours purchased. The wholesale power cost adjustment tracker for the applicable for the quarter will be added or subtracted to/from the base average to determine the average WPC for the applicable quarter.

All kWh’s purchased and consumed by Seller (member) will be billed pursuant to the applicable REMC retail rate tariff.


A monetary credit for the kWh’s produced by the distributed generation unit will be credited to the Seller’s account, which will reduce the net amount due by the amount calculated (kWh times the average WPC equals the credit).


REMC will install appropriate metering to record all kWhs consumed by Seller (Member) and all kWhs delivered to REMC’s electric distribution system by Seller. Installed metering will facilitate “net billing” to the Seller. The Seller shall be responsible for all costs of the metering equipment required for this service, subject to REMC’s metering and communications requirements. REMC shall have access to all such meters at reasonable times during Seller’s normal business hours.
REMC shall have access and ability to interrogate meter remotely at any time.


Distributed generation size (in kW) shall not exceed 150% of the measured consumption demand of the premises (measured at the REMC meter) and shall not exceed 50kW. All wiring, poles, lines, and other electrical equipment beyond the metering (interconnection) point, shall be considered the distribution system of the Seller (Member) and shall be furnished and maintained by the Seller (Member) unless otherwise specified in a supplemental agreement or contract executed by the Seller and REMC. The Seller must comply with all terms of the REMC’s Distributed Generation Policy.