Tree Trimming

Trees & Power Lines Just Don’t Mix

We all appreciate trees – they not only beautify homes and property, but they can lower utility bills if correctly placed. However, Henry County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (HCREMC) maintains nearly 1,000 miles of overhead high voltage electric lines throughout our service territory.  Trees are the cause of a of some of our outages and clearing them from the utility right-of-way is crucial to electrification.

Our Responsibility

Henry County REMC has a vegetation management program that is conducted year-round. This means crews and contractors are continuously trimming and removing trees under power lines to make your electric service as reliable as possible. This work is contracted out and performed by certified utility line clearance specialists.

Your Responsibility

You should never attempt to trim trees that are growing near distribution lines or your service line without calling Henry County REMC first. Doing so can put you at risk of deadly shock. Call HCREMC at (800) 248-8413, and schedule a temporary disconnect of your service to safely trim or cut any unwanted vegetation.

Vegetation Management Video

Tree Trimming Map