HREMC Wants to Keep You Informed

Henry County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (HCREMC) CEO Melissa True wants to keep you informed of possible rolling blackouts

CEO Melissa True headshot
Melissa True, CEO

New Castle, IN— 06/09/2022 — MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator), an independent, not-for-profit, member-based organization responsible for operating the power grid across our region, has informed us of possible rolling blackouts this summer due to the shortage of energy capacity. The electricity shortage is partially due to supply issues with getting renewable energy resources online in the originally expected timeframe, along with the closing of coal-fired generation plants across the country.

It will be essential to manage rolling blackouts to keep the entire grid functioning and reduce any long-term damage that could cause more prolonged outages. We are working on plans along with Hoosier Energy, our energy supplier, to manage the situation if it comes to HCREMC having to reduce the electric load on the grid. We will do our best to make the outage times as short as possible and keep you informed.

We ask that you help do your part in helping us reduce the amount of electricity used on the hottest days this summer. If everyone can increase their thermostat by a few degrees, adjust the temperature of their water heaters, and select times of the day that are cooler to run your dishwasher or clothes dryer, it will all help to make a difference. These minor adjustments could reduce the time we see outages this summer.

It is essential if you have a medical need; you have a backup plan if you experience an outage. We also ask that if you are hooking up generators, please collaborate with us so that we are aware, and people do not get hurt by having them hooked up improperly.

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It is important to us that we can inform you of critical information when the need arises. We are asking that you please update your contact information with our office. You can do this by calling (800) 248-8413 and speaking to a Member Service Representative. Updating your information is also accessible on our website or on the SmartHub application.

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