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Board of Directors

HCREMC members who wish to be nominated for an REMC board seat must obtain 30 valid signatures of members from within their district to run for election. The signatures must be submitted to the REMC office by February 28 of the year when there is an election for any given district. Each year, specific REMC districts are open for election. An election schedule for the next three years can be found below, along with a district map.

Detailed information regarding the election will be posted soon.

2018 2019 2020
District 1 District 2 District 3
District 4 District 5 District 8
District 6 District 7 District 10
  District 9  


Our Directors:

Brian Becker

District 1 - Brian Becker
Director (Vice Chairman), Fall Creek Township in Henry County and Union and Adams Township in Madison County.

Don Shaw

District 2 - Don Shaw
Director, Jefferson Township in Henry County and Salem Township in Delaware County.

Gerald (Bud) Shelton

District 3 - Gerald Shelton
Director, Prairie Township in Henry County and Monroe Township in Delaware County.

Donald Cross

District 4 - Donald Cross
Director, Stony Creek Township in Henry County and Perry Township in Delaware County.

Wayne Jester

District 5 - Wayne Jester
Director (Chairman), Blue River and Liberty Township in Henry County, Union Township in Randolph County, Dalton and Jefferson Township in Wayne County.

Ron Chew

District 6 - Ron Chew
Director (Secretary), Dudley Township in Henry County, Fayette County, Jackson and Washington Township in Wayne County.

Randy Maloyed

District 7 - Randy Maloyed
Director, Franklin Township in Henry County, Washington Township in Rush County, and Spiceland Township in Henry County.

Don Sloan

District 8 - Don Sloan
Director, Greensboro and Wayne Townships in Henry County and Brown Township in Hancock County.

M. Shane Young

District 9 - M. Shane Young
Director (Treasurer), Harrison Township in Henry County.

District 10 - Jamey Marcum
Director, Henry Township in Henry County.


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